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Exceptional Beauty

Skin & Body MediSpa

Exceptional Beauty

Exceptional Treatments

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Exceptional Results

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Invest in yourself.

Laser Lipo   •   Skin Tightening   •   Cellulite Smoothing   •   Body Sculpting  •   Wrinkle & Pore Reduction 

Hair Restoration   •   Permanent Hair Removal   •   Resurfacing Facials   •   Chemical Peels

Massage   •   Pain Reduction   •   Scar & Stretchmark Reduction   •   Custom Skin Treatments

Pictures speak louder than words.

Ageing Skin

When you come in for a consultation, we'll assess what your skin needs. Sometimes it's a combination of treatments that will give you optimal results like these.

Body Treatments

Technology has made these results a reality. Our professionals will conquer skin laxity and slay cellulite. Come in for a free consultation today.


Hair re​storation is now possible with our customized treatment and medical-grade stem cell serums.

Have too much hair?  The newest advances in laser hair removal help us achieve fast and effective results. 

Body Contouring

It's now possible to manipulate fat cells. We can minimize them and we can destroy them too - without invasive procedures like liposuction. Our state-of-the-art equipment will facilitate gold-standard results.

Er​ase Scars

It's okay to embrace your scars as badges of honor. If the scars do bother you though, there are ways to drastically diminish their appearance.

Skin Health

Suffer from acne, rosacea, redness or vascularity? We can help. No more red, just glorious, healthy skin.

"I could see a huge difference after just one treatment on my 'mummy tummy'. After my third treatment, it looks so incredible."

Sue A. - Calgary, AB (Micro Channeling)